Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to CLICK!

Everything is coming together over here in terms of unpacking and completing the upper level. Things need a bit of shifting, a bit of moving, a bit of cleaning - and CLICK! It will all fall nicely into place. We have managed to get quite a bit done the past few days despite Jeff having to work through the weekend. Unfortunately, it has meant long days of work for both of us with working/taking care of the kids all day and then working on the house late into the night...and getting up and doing it all over again the next day. However, it's the home stretch and the last few details will be the most rewarding!

SHOUT OUT to my dad for coming over and offering a huge hand this weekend.

Together, Jeff and him changed out all of the switches and outlets with nice new ones, replaced all the switch and outlet covers, finalized the doorknobs with the correct latch plates and hung pictures on the walls.

If I can just say, if you live in an older home and have "ugly" looking outlets and switches (maybe previously painted over or just plain dirty from age/use), switching the outlets and switches out with new ones is SO inexpensive and makes such a big difference. For our whole upstairs, it probably cost about $25 and took about 2-3 minutes per receptacle to do. Wow does it make such a nice difference!

The bookshelves for the office arrived yesterday and they are a PERFECT fit! SHOUT OUT to my faithful followers for suggesting the darker wood finish. I don't even think they need to be painted...they really pull in the color of the floor and the darker colors out of the rug. Plus, they give a little more of a masculine feel so the office isn't just all white and florals (although wait till I get my hands on the backs of the bookshelves and cover them in the leftover floral wallpaper from the bathroom...Mwah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhh;-) After I finish this post, I'll head up to start cleaning all the packaging materials off of them and load them up with stuff. Pics to follow.

Finishing out this week will be the wallpaper installation tomorrow, the runner installation on Friday and a "Green Scan" by Centerpoint Energy to see where all the heat is escaping out of our attic so we can properly reinsulate it (we knew there were issues with the insulation from the inspection prior to our closing. Now to alleviate those issues before the snow starts melting (if it ever does) and avoiding water coming in the freshly finished upstairs!

Final bit of good news is that our new camera should arrive tomorrow! Found a heck of a deal on Amazon (can you believe that's my FIRST Amazon purchase?) But for $10 less than anywhere else AND free shipping - who can say no? Stay tuned this week for after photos of the wallpaper and runner. We're on the home stretch!

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