Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finish Inspiration.

In our previous remodel, we had absolutely NONE of our finishes picked out prior to construction actually beginning. A contractor would tell us one day, "We are just about ready to install the appliances" so out Jeff and I would SCRAMBLE, pick out appliances, order them and pray they arrived in time to not hold anything else up from moving forward. Not only did this add an exorbitant amount of stress (that was not necessary had we known more what we were doing), but it also just made our life into a constant running around headache.

This time is different. We will have everything from interior and exterior paint colors to light fixtures to faucets to tile chosen prior to construction beginning. That way all of those items can be ordered long before they are needed. So...I've begun my search for the perfect finishes. Fortunately, my past experience of combing the Twin Cities to find exactly what I was looking for is giving me an edge for this project. I know the companies I like to order from, the salespeople I like to work with and the lead time I need to get things done on time.

So, when I saw the rendering for the Butler's Pantry, I immediately had a vision for the pendant light over the window and the hardware for the cabinetry. Here's that elevation again with a few pieces I'm considering:

There are a few different directions we could take here: either that vintage, school-housey type look or the more glam crystal-y look. With the wallpaper we are debating on for the entryway, I definitely see the crystal being a perfect complement. Now just to decide if that wallpaper is THE one.

On another note, why does it seem everytime you take a step forward you take 10 steps back. The final itty bitty details for the upstairs are finally wrapping up (the runner is being installed on Monday and changing out the switches and outlets are the only remaining items...and the wallpaper on Wednesday). BUT...wouldn't you know that we had to contact the carpet company we ordered through for our bedroom about our carpet having odd lines and perhaps being defective, we have the tilers coming back out tomorrow to recaulk the corners of the shower due to the caulk becoming yellow (apparently a reaction with the poly the flooring company used to seal the wood floors?) and we have the wood floor refinishers coming back due to a missed corner in one of the closets. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! While I have to be thankful for the fact that everyone has taken the issues seriously and resolved the issues in a timely manner with a limited number of phone calls, but come on!

Today we took our little beauties on a Christmas-y afternoon of visiting Santa, getting hot chocolate and doing a little Christmas shopping. SO much fun! Jeff and I have a babysitter lined up for Saturday evening so we can get the girls' shopping done. Then we'll take them on a separate outing to choose gifts for eachother. Christmas seems to become richer and richer the more you fill your home with children. While Gloria isn't EXACTLY participating this year, Rosemary is all about involving her in everything from decorating the tree to baking to opening up each day of the advent calendar. We are so blessed to have our two little Christmas angels this year.

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