Sunday, September 12, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Jeff just finished up an 18 straight day work streak and finally had a few days off for us both to rest, relax and get caught up (with life, the kids and eachother!) While sometimes I absolutely despise Jeff working such long hours, it certainly makes the time he DOES have off that much more fun. A few highlights from this weekend included a motorcycle ride up to St. Cloud to have dinner with our two favorite nuns (sans kiddos) and a trip to the Renaissance Festival with my parents, brother Matt and nephew Nolan. Rosemary had the opportunity to pet a snake and turtle, ride an elephant and ride a pony. She LOVED it and wore her fairy wings (thanks Meghan) and birthday crown to blend in with the crowd as best she could. Surprisingly, Gloria really seemed to enjoy herself and only screamed when lively music was played (which was actually pretty cute).

Speaking of Gloria, she REALLY seems to be turning the corner with all of this fussiness. There has been SUCH a noticeable change in her attitude and demeanor over the past three days. She has been so sweet, so content, so smiley...just the happy girl we've been waiting for. It really has been like they say in books where it's as if a switch is flipped in their little heads and suddenly the fussiness seems to disappear. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I am certainly enjoying this new little person:-)

Aside from that, Jeff and I seem to be chatting non-stop about the house, dreaming of its potential and are anxiously awaiting this Thursday when we will meet the architect at the house to get a plan in place for some remodeling. She is so great for giving direction and we are just dying to hear where she sees this house going.

Also looking forward to Rosemary's first day of school (ECFE) tomorrow AND first evening of swimming lessons. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming along to watch Gloria while I'm in the pool with Rosemary (Jeff has to work). Friday we leave for my cousin's wedding in Chicago and are looking forward to visiting with all our relatives. Until next time...cheerio!

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