Thursday, September 30, 2010

So you received the delayed birth announcement?

Welcome to our blog! Being that I have only shared this blog with a handful of people to date, I can assume that you are a new visitor brought here by the incredibly delayed birth announcement you recently received. Well, welcome! Let me take a moment to recap where we are at as you join us on our journey!

It's me Sarah, better known here as 100k mom. If you don't read back in my previous entries, let me explain that my 100k mom title is a simple reference to my $100,000 all girls, private, Catholic college stay at home mom, diaper changer, tantrum referee, slave to 2 [adorable] little munchkins. Even with all of that education, I am still stumped everyday HOW to raise a 2 year old!

Since the news of Gloria's arrival is ultimately what brought you here, allow me to dedicate a brief moment to our little "Go Go Dog" (as she is lovingly called). Gloria came screaming into this world just 4 short months ago as a tiny little fuss-bucket. She has since made the remarkable transition into the sweetest little much so it's hard to find the words to describe the absolute JOY she brings to our life. Besides Go-Go-Dog, we also call her "Porky" for her exceptionally large appetite (a trait of us Lehnerts). She is also an award winning sleeper...sleeping 12 hours straight at night since she was 5 weeks old. Currently, she is in bed by 6:30pm and wakes at 8am the following morning. THAT'S my girl! She is a rolling, kicking, smiling, squeeling machine and we just can't get enough of her.

You are welcome to explore back on previous posts and see what we have been up to lately, otherwise, prepare to just jump on in! I really hope to locate our camera cord one of these days so I can add some pictures to our the meantime, here are a few out of date ones off my in-law's computer. I try and update once a week, so be sure and check back often. This blog will be taking all kinds of direction in the coming months as we prepare to move to our new home, begin a large scale remodel and attempt to keep up with our two little cutie pies! Thanks for visiting!

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