Thursday, September 9, 2010

Geeze, Why So Snippy?

I'm revisiting my abandoned blog in hopes of giving it another go and thought I'd read back on my previous entries to see where exactly I was going with this thing. I'd say I was a TAD on the hormonal side. Clearly the third trimester of pregnancy does NOT agree with me. Promise to be less hostile from now on.

Since my last update, LOTS has happened. For one, I'm no longer pregnant! Pleased to say that on May 26th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Gloria Frances Schaffer. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 13oz and was 20" long. Another little slice of Heaven to keep as my very own.

Gloria is MUCH different than her older sister Rosemary. Without sounding crass or sacreligious, I will tell you that we call her satan for short (notice I did not capitalize the "s" in satan as to not add reverence to the title). While I have managed to fall in love with her despite her lengthy list of uhmmm..."flaws"...I must say that at times I question whether she was put here for the sole purpose of making me miserable. I'm mostly kidding, but God certainly has a sense of humor when he puts a monster size personality in a tiny little being.

Over the past three months, more life changing events have happened. We sold our house! I have to thank God for this little miracle because keeping the house prepped for showings with a 20 month old and a newborn was enough to send me to the looney bin. Thank goodness it was short lived and we were able to seal the deal on July 29th. Despite our efforts, we were not able to find another home to move into, so we have since settled in at my in-laws while our belongings settled in at their new temperature controlled warehouse in Brooklyn Center.

Most recently, we put an offer in on a house in Minneapolis and it was accepted! Huzzah! Jeff and I both have a GREAT feeling about this house. We loved it from the moment we first walked in...but were really torn about its location. After nearly a year of having our home on the market and everything that involves, we are ending up just five blocks from where we started. It just feels odd. But we looked and looked and combed every square inch of every location we could think of...and ultimately, we feel like we are ending up at "home." We have lived in SW Minneapolis for 6 years now and are at peace with our decision to remain there for what we hope will be a long time. We really see ourselves staying in this place and THAT is a great feeling.

Now while we LIKE the house a lot, that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its fair share of projects. However, Jeff and I are anxious to jump back on the remodeling train - this time - with a general contractor. Boy have we learned that lesson the hard way!

Well that pretty much brings us up to the present. I plan on getting back to our blogging, if with nothing else - just to keep up with where we are at in life. Jeff and I are feeling on top of the world these days with the monumental changes in our life: another child, the sale of our home and the promise of a smaller mortgage in our future! Cheers to the changes ahead!

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