Sunday, September 26, 2010

Houston, We Have No Problem...

I just returned home from a wonderful weekend in Houston with one of my nearest and dearest friends Jaime. Jaime married the apple of her eye, Mike, in Michigan on May 22nd of this year...just 5 short days before my due date with Gloria. BEYOND unfortunately, I had to miss her wedding and I was so incredibly disappointed. We both figured it to be considered in poor taste to deliver a baby at a wedding reception, so I ultimately made the decision to be sidelined at home and wait patiently by my phone as her sister texted me pictures throughout the day. This weekend, I finally got the chance to celebrate her nuptials and witness the love birds in action. It was a fantastic weekend and they spoiled me rotten!

Meanwhile, while I was off wining and dining my way through Texas, Jeff was running operation chaos at home! It amazes me what he is capable of accomplishing in a single weekend. Our "living quarters" were tidied up, bed was made, laundry done...not to mention a trip to and from the cabin to facilitate dock removal for the season close of the lake. Despite all of that, he was back to pick me up from the airport...and even brought my two favorite people with to greet me. I was just DYING to see the kids by the time I got back...literally RUNNING from my gate to the baggage claim. I couldn't find them at first, but turned to see my little Rosemary running towards me. It was like a scene from a movie and I was just as giddy as the corney actress seen running in slow motion to a ridiculously long embrace. I was equipped with souvenirs and plenty of tall tales about my "magical airplane ride to Texas!"

Our house, or shall I say my IN-LAW's house, will be full of hustle and bustle this week with all of the activities, meetings and events going on. Already today, we have been to school with Rosemary and met Jeff for lunch (Gloria got to come too!) Tonight Jeff finally gets to join us for swimming lessons. Hopefully Rosemary doesn't go 3 for 3 on crying through them. Also this week we have a trip to Pump It Up planned with Auntie Bulie and Jessica and a trip to the Pediatrician for Rosemary's 2 year check up and Gloria's 4 month check up. Jeff has 10 credits of Continuing Education to finish up by Thursday and a meeting in Kansas City on Friday. It's going to be a VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY busy week!

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