Monday, August 1, 2011

Window Treatments.

The main floor window treatments are IN! They actually went in last week but due to our ever infuriating internet issues, I had to wait to share them with you until I could make a quick escape to my neighborhood Panera. The good news is that all our issues will be fixed (BY LEAVING QWEST) on Wednesday when the new folks come to get us up and running again. So please do hold on because I have much more fun to share with you.

So - back to the window fancies. If you remember, we did two different types of treatments on the main level. In the family room, we did Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades, matched to the trim color in order to have them 'disappear' when in the open position. I absolutely love these! I had never even considered these until my friend Jenn suggested them. I just felt they were far too modern for my liking and I liked the look of the wood blinds better. But these are great because they really do provide 100% privacy and are virtually undetectable when upright. Hunter Douglas was having a promotion for a FREE upgrade to the cordless variety - so all you do is push these up with the lightest touch of a finger. Glorious in a home filled with curious kiddos like my own!

In the family room, we did the woven wood romans by Hunter Douglas. I love them. The colors are absolutely perfect and I love the added texture and tone in the room. A WELCOMED change from my normal sea of white. These do not provide 100% privacy, but we figured this was ok in the dining room where we really aren't hanging out on a regular basis. There is the option of lining them, but we really felt like we wanted to be able to have them down with the light peeking through during the day vs full darkness.

Other items on the docket: final mudroom re-reveal with all of the hardware finally installed! Also final sod pictures, playroom decor and two new fancy wall-hangings for the girls rooms by yours truly. Oh FUN!

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