Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ladies Update.

While my blog is intended to be my oasis to carry on about everything home just wouldn't be right to not include the occasional update on my two favorite girls.

This summer has been all about fun in the sun! Last summer we were pretty bogged down with an incredibly fussy infant, a home for sale, a closing, a move, a new home search, etc...but this summer, Rosemary has grown out of napping and Gloria can survive on one nap a day which means our days have been rather free to get out and explore summer in the city. I try to get the girls out for one activity a day. More than that seems to send them spiraling into crabby person syndrome and less than that means we all go stir-crazy. So each day we make a point of taking an adventure together - whether it be to a park, to meet a friend, to a pool, to a zoo or museum, etc. We've had an absolutely wonderful summer!

Rosemary is starting preschool this fall and I am so unbelievably excited for her.

Personally, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed at the idea of my daughter venturing out 'on her own.' However, those feelings are completely overshadowed by how independent, out-going, social and friendly this child is. It would only be a disservice to her to not offer her this opportunity - and for that, I am proud of both her and myself! It isn't easy letting go, is it. Rosemary will also be starting a dance class this fall. She'll be taking a ballet/tap combo class and I am giddy with excitement for her. Today, her and I went on a special outing to purchase her first pair of ballet and tap shoes. I hope she is even a fraction of how excited I am for her.

Gloria is hysterical.

Really...she has us laughing all of the time. She is still extremely particular and still prefers to be carried at all times (which of course isn't possible and is therefore deemed unacceptable by her).

Still not walking and although wishing for a walking toddler seems like an oxymoron, when said walking toddler is in the 103rd percentile for weight AND height (and head size), it's only practical to beg her to walk as carrying her is you say...difficult. But, she is my little snuggle bug. No matter where I'm sitting, she'll do everything in her power to climb into my lap. When she gets tired, she'll lay anywhere - usually in the middle of the floor where the most traffic is flowing. She's talking ALL the time, many of her words are starting to come out crystal clear. As for the others, we usually have a pretty good guess as to what she's implying.

Overall, life is good and we have so much to be thankful for. The store remodel is coming to a close this week and while painting the storage room is underway, life has slowed down for us drastically. We are looking forward to investing in a few pieces of furniture in the near future, but in the meantime, we are so enjoying this house and the little family that it holds!

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