Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good news & Bad news.

Remember my little cup turned bathroom tumbler that I picked up at Anthro the other day?

Well, Rosemary's chugging got the best of her and my poor tumbler is now just a pile of glass shards. Jeff says we aren't ready for a glass tumbler in the kid's bathroom. I said that I AM ready for a glass tumbler in our master bath. Being that they are the same bathroom...let the great debate begin.

On to the good news! The main floor powder bath mirror is ORDERED!

I was able to negotiate $50 off on my ebay purchase which put the mirror into my desired budget. Yeeks! It says it takes 2 weeks to ship...I'm hoping that's not the case, but with free shipping, I'll happily keep my mouth shut!

I know I still owe you finished pictures of the wall hanging I was working on for Gloria's room. But the truth is, we hung it in her room and I immediately decided it didn't belong in there. I think it would be cuter in the playroom downstairs. So, until I can get around to moving it, I'll have to keep you in suspense. The problem with Gloria's room is that there is very little uninterrupted wall space in her small room (here's an old pic for your reference).

Between windows and wall angles, my 40" installment looked cramped no matter where we tried it...except over her crib which is, simply put, a death sentence for my handmade wall art. So, my plan is to make a coordinating piece for Rosemary and use them to balance the art in the playroom. Now if I could just get around to making another one...eyeyeye! Stay tuned!

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