Saturday, November 20, 2010

Twin Cities Notables

Since my blog seems to really be attracting some serious attention (with my FOUR followers and my mom who I KNOW follows religiously), I thought I would take up a bit of time with a few Twin Cities Notables in my book. We have worked with a heaping bucket full of contractors that I would NOT recommend. And through the experience of working with those we feel did not exceed our expectations, came those who really knocked our socks off. If you are ever in need of a professional in any of the areas listed below, please consider giving these fine folks a call!

Services: Installation, Refurbishing
Company: Minnesota Regrout
Contact: Zenon Pawlykowych
Phone: (612) 325-2107

Services: Interior and/or Exterior painting (woodwork, walls - you name it)
Company: E&P Painting
Contact: Enrique Carrillo
Phone: (612) 600-5627

Hardwood Flooring
Services: Installation, Refinishing, Patching, Repair
Company: C. Brenner Hardwood Flooring
Contact: Craig Brenner
Phone: (763) 595-9151

Architectural Services
Services: Interior/Exterior Design, Drawing, Construction Management
Contact: Susan Nackers Ludwig
Phone: (612) 232-7294

Interior Design
Services: Color/Material Selection, Finish, Fixture, Furniture, Textile Design
Contact: Jenn Taft

Finish Carpentry
Services: General Contracting and pretty much anything else you need done around the house
Contact: Ian Campbell
Phone: (612) 702-2257

Photography (I know we weren't exactly on this line of work - but I said "notables in the Twin Cities"...and she is!)
Services: Weddings, Engagement, Family, Senior Pictures - any reason you might need a photog.
Company: Stephanie Bloom Photography
Contact: Steph Bloom

Eye Brow Waxing (OK, now I'm just getting crazy!)
Services: A studio for strictly body/brow waxing
Company: The Brow Studio Minneapolis
Contact: Tiffany (she's FABULOUS!)
Phone: (612) 823-2769

So there you have it! Please note I was not compensated by any of the aforementioned professionals in order to promote their services (just wanted to clarify due to the high demand for advertisements that this site generates;-) He he he. Stay tuned for a photo tour of our new house including before and after shots of the completed rooms.

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