Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Stretch!

Well, we are officially on the home stretch and will be moving into our new house this weekend! Whoop whoop! Last week wrapped up nicely with the tilers finishing laying the tile in the bathroom and actually grouting and sealing it today. We haven't made it over there yet today to see how it finished up, but are VERY confident it looks great considering the progress we saw all last week. A little background on that bathroom: we purchased this home (built in 1947) from the original owner (she was 93!!) and she did a remodel of the original bathroom about 10-15 years ago (we are guesstimating based on when the tile she chose was discontinued). While we really like the tile she chose (all white), she put a linoleum floor down - and we really felt putting tile down would give the bathroom a more finished look...not to mention be more durable for our growing family to abuse. So we chose a black and white marble "basket weave" tile and think it turned out beautiful! As far as the wall tile, we decided to continue tiling the shower by carrying the same tile up and over the ceiling of the shower. We also changed out the shower head, tub spout and "on/off switch" as well as adding a hand shower/slide bar to rest it on. This is our family bathroom, our master bathroom, our guest bathroom - you name it. So we felt like giving it a little extra pizazz would be worthwhile. We are wrapping up the final details in there with new wall sconces on the sides of the mirror AND...(drumroll please)...WALLPAPER! That's right, we have a fun, playful, Anthropogie-ish paper chosen for that bathroom coming all the way from England! Here's a picture of it:
I think with the black and white marble floor it will be a perfect addition!

The wood floor refinishers started today as the tilers were grouting. They will sand the floors Monday and Tuesday, "water-pop" them late Tuesday (a process of wetting the floors to open the wood grain and prepare them for a darker than normal stain), stain Wednesday, finish coat Thursday and finish coat Friday. At this time, we are refinishing the upstairs three bedrooms (the 4th bedroom upstairs - which is the master - will be carpeted next Tuesday) the hallway and the staircase.

This weekend will be finishing up all the loose ends up there: base-shoeing the whole upstairs (since it was previously carpeted), reinstalling the doors and installing the new hinges and doorknobs we purchased for them, installing the railings in the stairway and that's about it! Next week the carpet gets installed and the final piece of the puzzle is the runner that we are currently ordering (should take about 3 weeks to get it).

Jeff spent this past weekend up North with his brothers and dad for their annual deer hunting excursion. We are yet to have one of them return with proof that they are indeed hunting - but I think it's the time together they enjoy more than anything.

I am really looking forward to this weekend when my friend Bridget and I will be hosting a baby shower for our friend Alana! Lots of preparations and cooking to be done before then...but all in celebration of the little one on the way! EEK! Mostly can't wait to have all of our belongings under one roof and our little family settled in our rooms (I'm sure Gloria is anxious to not be sleeping in Paul and Doris' laundry room anymore;-)

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