Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The children were nestled all snug in their beds...

It's [one of] my favorite times of the day. Jeff works late on Wednesday nights which means I am on my own for bedtime. Getting the two kids to bed on my own is like performing an intricately choreographed dance...and these days, I have my steps finely tuned! And here it is, 8pm and my two little angels are snuggled warm in their beds on this blustery cold, Fall (Winter?) evening. Time for me to catch up on emails and pay my blog a visit:-)

Things don't seem to be slowing down one bit, but we certainly can't complain. On the house front, the painters will be finished tomorrow! Hurrah! In total, their work included repairing all the walls and ceilings (on the upper floor only - main level is considered "Phase 2", which will begin in January), repairing all of the wood work, doors and windows, sanding them and spraying everything with an oil based enamel that will keep it sparkling for decades to come, painting the ceilings in the hallway, bedrooms and closets, painting the walls in the bedrooms, hallway and closets and repairing and spraying the risers of the stairs and banister. They did a fabulous job and I would highly recommend them. This weekend my dad will come in to start installing new shelves and clothing bars in all of the closets (having a surgeon for a dad comes in handy when you break your jaw AND when you give him a meticulous project that he conquers with the precision of a...well, surgeon!) Monday, the tilers start in on the upstairs bathroom to give the ONLY bathroom we currently have a bit of a wow factor. The following Monday, our wood flooring contractor comes to refinish the upstairs floors and stairway...and with that, we are DONE (until January when the REAL construction begins).

Last night we met with the architect to start generating plans for the main level, basement and exterior. She is brilliant! Meeting with her has given us great clarity and really got our creative juices flowing. We'll meet with her again in two weeks for the unveiling of the first round of plans we conjunctively created last night. From there we will have several rounds of revisions before we start getting bids from contractors.

Rosemary and Gloria are busy as ever these days. Rosemary is absolutely loving her swimming lessons. Honestly, I can't tell who's having more fun: Rosemary or Jeff. I just love watching Jeff in the pool with Rosemary. When it comes time for backfloats, it's Jeff's excuse to snuggle Rosemary nice and close and kiss her little forehead over and over again. Those two have a very close bond - have since day one - and always will. Gloria is just getting huge! When I catch a glimpse of myself holding her in the mirror, I can't believe my eyes. Who is this gigantic baby I'm holding? I just love the age she is at - 5 months. She's not exactly mobile yet, but has so much personality, lights up when she sees us and, of course, is undeniably chubby and kissable to no end.

All in all, things are going great! Jeff and I are getting SO excited for the holiday season to officially begin. We have plans for baking, chex mix making and plenty of Christmas time traditions. However, not before we enjoy all the Halloween festivities this weekend and our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

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