Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 Days & Counting!

It's official, we are 65 hours away from closing on our house (not that I'm counting!) These last few days seem to be dragging by and we are so anxious to get over there to start getting settled. Of course there are a few obstacles we will need to surpass before actually nesting in at our new pad, but nothing we can't wrap up in a matter of a week or two. We are currently living in squalor; I gave up long ago on trying to keep us organized here at my in-law's...which I'm sure they appreciate so much being that our stuff is scattered from corner to corner on all levels of their house. Anyone who knows me knows I am borderline OCD in my organization behavior...so I think Jeff is left wondering who is sleeping in bed next to him. And being that I never dreamed we were moving in here for more than 3 weeks, I packed the kids bigger and warmer clothes in the depths of our Smartbox's. Rosemary's outfit was absolutely HILARIOUS today with her too short, 18 month old jeans and skimpy t-shirt on a chilly fall day.

Aside from home obsession, we've been busy! Jeff and I had a fun night going to the Twin's game last week with our friends Jeff and Mitch (despite the game being a gigantic disappointment). The girls and I also had a great time at Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard in Belle Plaine a few Friday's ago with Matt, Audra, Nolan, Corinne and my parents. What a great spot for toddlers (train rides, tractor rides, scarecrow festival, rope maze, hay pile, petting zoo...you name it!)

Last week was also Rosemary's 2 year check up and Gloria's 4 month check up. For Rosemary, it was a very "big girl" appointment being that she got to get weighed on the "big girl" scale, get her height taken standing up, got her shot in her arm vs her leg and didn't even have to undress! Gloria, on the other hand, got the full work up including 4 shots and full nudity. Monday was a first for Jeff and I as we made our first appearance at Children's Hospital Heart Clinic with Gloria. Our pediatrician referred Gloria there for suspicions of a heart murmur. After a weekend of worrying and plenty of tears shed by mom, we received the news that Gloria's heart is absolutely perfect! News of a complication in Gloria's heart would not have been the worst thing in the world. But it made me realize how much I take my children's health for granted. Life is so precious and so fragile...and to think the millions of possibilities of complications we COULD have received that day that would have changed our life forever. I am reminded of how fortunate we are and am reminded of the strength of so many other parents who fight for their children's health every single day.

Well, the next time we update this blog we will be home owners once again! I never imagined when we put our house up for sale a year ago (literally, to the day TODAY) that we would still be in a period of transition. But if I've learned anything, it's that life is one big transition and you just have to learn to roll with it.

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