Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Girls Room

Had to write a quick post regarding the girls room. Currently, the girls each have their own rooms in our 4-bedroom house. However, being that we have one bedroom set up as an office and would ideally like to keep it that way, the girls will eventually move in together. I'm 38 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby, who will take over Gloria's room once she's ready for a big girl bed (which I'm hoping is still many, many months away). In the interim, baby boy will reside in the office if the girls can manage to drowned out the sounds of his screaming at night;-) ANYWHO, I've been keeping an eye out for ideas for the girls room once we start moving in that direction - mainly in the way of bedding. I like keeping an eye out at TJ Maxx for quilts since they are so reasonably priced (I paid $25 for Rosemary's current one). With the number of times the stomach flu has struck our home in the past 4 years and the number of times said quilt has been yacked on, I'm glad I didn't spend an arm and a leg on it (it also seems to hold up to the washing machine without a problem). Well, last night I scooped the bedding loop at Bed, Bath & Beyond and absolutely FELL in love with this bedding. It isn't necessarily 'girls' bedding, although it does come in twin size. If I had gone a completely different direction in our house all together, I would pick this bedding for my own bedroom. So, here it is...
The pictures just don't do it justice. I love the vibrant and unique combination of colors...not to mention I think it'd work great with the existing wall color and rug. Here's a pic of Rosemary's room I have on the computer:
This is part of the Diane Von Furstenburg collection - I love her choice of such saturated hues. The pricing, however, is way above what I want to spend for kids bedding...not to mention it's a duvet cover which seems a little impossible to keep clean should another round of inevitable stomach flu strike (that means washing a duvet AND a comforter which we couldn't do in one load in our extremely dated washing machine). So, I'm waiting on it to see what kind of coupons I get in the mail. If I can get a few 40% off coupons, I might go for it. The other cute part that's hard to make out by the picture is the accent pillows, which are knitted with a sort of cable pattern. Super sweet.

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