Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funny Gloria Story...

My 'little' Gloria is on the brink of turning 2. I can hardly believe how fast the past 2 years have gone. With Rosemary, life moved much slower - all of my attention lie on this single being, we were (for the most part) settled in our home, had no where to be (school, activities or the like). But life with two kids has been much different. Rosemary's school/activity/social calendar is brimming with demands and Gloria seems to be by my side for this ride we are discovering one day at a time. Gloria has definitely continued her reputation of being rather 'particular' and at most times, quite demanding and slightly impatient. But she has a hysterical sense of humor, says the funniest things and her constant demands keep Jeff and I laughing as she is so incredibly persistent when wanting something. She also has a very loud yelling voice that cracks us up. Whether it's the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, the decible level of her voice is truly alarming. Anyway, yesterday I painted her finger nails for the first time. Seriously, is there anything cuter than pudgy little fingers with hot pink nail polish? She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased with her polish job. She sat perfectly still as instructed while I painted them and was happy to oblige my offer to walk around the block with her after so we could dry her nails. We set off on our walk and I told her swinging her arms a bit would help dry them faster - done. She was an arm swinging machine. Unfortunately, the arm swinging sent her into a bit of a downward spiral as she tripped and face planted into the sidewalk. I watched in horror as she plumetted into the concrete, arms spread wide like a bird in every effort to salvage her polish job. Injuries were minor but apparent upon quick inspection - there was a definite penetration of tooth into lip as blood was running down her chin. She stood up and as I ran over expecting the worst, she only inspected her polish job to reveal its flawless nature and move on with her walk. This girl is the epitome of a G.I.R.L. So although we returned home with a face full of dried blood, she was pleased as punch to show dad her nails and felt like the pretty little princess she is:-)

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