Monday, October 17, 2011


Followers, it's no secret my blog has slipped to the wayside. It's not because I don't love you and it's not because I have a lack of things to talk about (we've been busy over here).
The truth is, I have a blognnouncement - we are baking a bambino over here (the kids had no idea why we were "taking a picture with a stick" as seen above;-). Mama is feeling like a bag of flour...well, nauseated flour. So my first topic for this post is what the heck you did to tame your first trimester nausea. My husband is a pharmacist and is really encouraging me to forgo the prescription anti-nausea meds if at all possible (while they are definitely necessary for many women, we decided to explore the other options before I talk to my doc about going that route). So, today is my first day of attempting the Vitamin B6 & Unisom combo which are two over-the-counter products said to help with nausea. My father-in-law, also a pharmacist, said this is what they had in the 'old days' and it worked like a charm. Are there any other creative concoctions you've come up with that worked like a charm (besides the same old same old?) In other news, we have purchased a dining room table, 6 side chairs, 2 head chairs, a sofa and a dining room light fixture. Still on the list to order: a rug for the family room, a chair and ottoman, a media stand for TV & components and an array of accent tables. BUT, we are getting there! We are making some serious progress on our purchases...although not one single thing has actually been delivered yet. You can bet I'll be back with pics when it does. The pallete we have gone with for the family room is alllllllllllllllllll neutrals. I think you'd be shocked to see it after all the color we have going on in this house. But the family room will rely mostly on tone-on-tone pattern and texture to create interest...with pops of color in accessories like pillows, flowers and frames. The dining room also has a few unsuspected pops of color that will give it a real wow factor. I'm excited to see it come together...too bad it isn't scheduled to be delivered until the end of November. ARGH! Here's a glimpse at the side chairs for the dining room as I purchased them (used off Craigslist). They have since undergone QUITE the makeover;-) Can't wait to show them to you!
Oh...and take a looksie at this antique frame I found and converted to a mirror. LURVE it!
Jeff's been busy out in the garage installing shelves and organizing tools, toys, sporting and yard equipment. I've been busy doing absolutely nothing aside from trying to find the will to get out of bed and put food in my mouth. Boo. So, once mama's energy returns, I will be back to update you on how our little house is coming together over here. last thing...I'm wallpapering my kitchen! Can't wait to show you (once I find the paper and all;-)

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