Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Back's Barking!

Hello there! Despite my lack of brainstorming on a direction for my fabulous new blog, I'm deciding to create a new post anyway purely to vomit my frustrations all over my (and your) computer screen. My back is killing me and it seems to be affecting my relationships with those closest to me (read daughter and husband). It's as if they are avoiding me like I'm some sort of plague. They even built a fort in our basement...CLEARLY not intended for me as I can't bend over to get in it...nor is it big enough for my whale sized abdomen. Discrimination. Whatever, their loss. I'll go upstairs and have fun by myself then.

So, I guess I'd say things are going...uhm, WELL! I am anxiously awaiting my doctor appointment scheduled for this Friday where I will beg and plead with my doctor to deliver the baby immediately. I have my words precisely scripted and even plan to include a quote by the great MLK Jr. ("...I have a dream...") How could he possibly say no to that? In the meantime, we have a BUSY week ahead of us...and delivering a baby in the midst of it might just send me off to the looney bin. My mom threw together a last minute surprise party for my dad TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday is my day of errands, appointments and cleaning while my parents graciously watch my child, Jeff works through the weekend while I prepare festivities for my parent's anniversary celebration on Sunday...and Monday I host a cleaning product party. Eyeyeyeyeye! If that isn't enough to put me into labor, I don't know what is!

Well, clearly this post has absolutely no direction. I just pray that Friday gives me more direction and perhaps news of a baby on the horizon. As much as I'm dreading the lack of sleep and overall pandemonium that is sure to ensue...getting this baby out of my body and a bit of my energy back sounds absolutely DREAMY!

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